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This VB script deletes files older than X days in a specified folder.
It is useful for recycling old log files, like IIS log files for example.
I used the example found here as a base and then modified it a bit.
Usage: Download, rename from .txt to .vbs , Set the constants sDirectoryPath to define which path to look for files in and iDaysOld to defined the max age for the files.


- Windows ;)

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jasminka - Thanks for a great theme. I have a little peolbrm I haven't idea haw to change a header image. Can I get some code, tip I am not at home with code and I woudn't make a mistake.

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I've solved the pevoirus problem... But now I have a new question. About the hack for :-What If I want the reverse of this, i.e I want a widget not to be shown when logged as administrator, but it is visible to readers. I would like the widgets with adsense code to be so...One more question, Can a widget be shown or hide based on a random no? It will make the blog dynamic. e.g. if random no is 0 it shows the widget with adsense code 120x600, if it is 1 it shows 728x90 leaderboard. Since adsense policy does not allow to modify its code.. it will be really helpful...I am writing all these here bcoz, commenting on that post is not allowed and I cannot find your email id...

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