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Quick search IMDB for a movie on your harddrive by a simple right click on the movie in Windows Explorer and then choose SendTo => IMDBMovieLookup. Excellent tool if you have hundreds of movies on your harddrive and your not quite sure which movie it is.

IMDBMovieLookup is a simple and FREE VBScript (.vbs) that runs on all MS-Windows versions.

.vbs files are known to be used for writing malicious scripts and viruses for the windows platform so this download is available as a text file only. Always check .vbs scripts before running them on your computer...or you could end up running a script that wipes out your harddrive ;)

If you use Norton Antivirus you will probably get a warning running this script. The reason for this is explained above. If you choose "Allow script to run forever" this warning will disappear.


To use it you need to download it and then rename it from IMDBMovieLookup.txt to IMDBMovieLookup.vbs. Put the file in the C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR_USERNAME\SendTo folder.

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